Friday, August 8, 2014

More Daylilies 2014

These are daylilies that I either have double of or are ones that I've had for awhile that need to be divided. If they get too big, they don't bloom as well.
Emperor's Dragon
Satin Bird
Blueberry Candy
Eye to Eye
Season Ticket
Cherry Cheeks
Ice Carnival
Prairie Blue Eyes
Wineberry Candy
Dragon's Eye
Red Magic
Unknown Name, May be Hyperion
Persian Priest I still need to add photos of Lavender Tonic and Blackberry Candy

Daylilies I'm Selling in the Spring

I either have doubles of these or they are ones that I have had for awhile that need dividing. Right now, I'm planning on selling them on our local garage sale list in the spring.
Emperor's Dragon