Monday, December 16, 2013

Free Seed Catalogs

I think we've gotten a total of 15 inches of snow and 2 more are expected tonight. If you like to dream over seed catalogs, now is the time to signup for some free ones. At this page you'll find 15 links for different companies. You will need to copy and paste the link. It doesn't seem to work on blogger. Just don't get spring fever. We've got a long winter yet.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Now that we have about 8" of snow on the ground, I been thinking about gardening. I know that is crazy, but I started looking at the new gardening products. Maybe I should ask for some of these for Christmas.

I found this need gardening tote by Friskars. They are the ones that make the nice scissors for sewing. I know they make a quality product, so I think I'd like one of these. Right now I use a basket.

I don't know if my husband will order off

Thursday, November 7, 2013

My garden is now asleep for the winter. A few of the plants I've cut down, but most I haven't. I'm hoping the old plant gives some protection in case of a hard winter. We just had our first real snow here that can be measured. The arrival is about a week earlier than normal.

I've heard due to the weather trends this year, we will have a lot of rain and snow until at least January and it will be unseasonably cold. I can't say it has been that cold yet.

Friday, August 30, 2013

My husband and I took a couple of days of vacation in East Tawas, Michigan. It was sad to see the first place I ever got started on daylilies was sitting in weeds. The Daylily King is now 104 years young. He fnally quit selling daylilies at 102.

His fields are still full of daylilies and the plants have grown huge. It is sad to see the fields sitting idle though. There wasn't a sign up like he always had. Someone is living in the house and they've made a lot of improvements on that. I wonder if the house has been sold or someone is just renting it. The dayliliy fields didn't have a for sale sign. I wonder if they bought the land too. I'll probably never know.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August Blooms

I have a few of the photos of the new daylilies that I purchased and there are a few plants that I've had for years blooming right now.

This is one of my new ones. I don't have these identified, but will write the names later. It does have some rain damage that put a few spots on it.

Here is another new one. I'll have to identify it later. Sorry for the paper showing in the background. I had something like 13 daylilies to plant and I started a new garden for them. Instead of all that digging, I layed down paper bags and thick newspaper around them. When I am finished they will be covered with soil. It sure saves a lot of digging.

This is an older daylily that I have. I think it is Sabrina Selina. It could also be Best of Friends. Eventually, I'll go out and do some measuring.

This one is a Siloam Daylily. I'm pretty sure it is Siloam Merle Kent. I am getting odd colors this year due to lack of rain.

This is one of my new ones. I should have gotten a photo closer up, because it is a beauty. Since I'm not much of a fan of yellow, I purchased this one because it has a little of a peach blend in it too and has such nice edging. The name is Collier.

Here is another photo of my double. Please if anyone knows the name let me know. I purchased it about 2 years ago and lost the tag.

Frozen Jade is a beauty even though it is an older daylily. I've had this one for several years.

This daylily is Hall's Pink. It has a smaller spidery bloom, but the plant has a high bud count. Myself, I always like a daylily that blooms late when the others are about finished.

Heavenly Seraphim is a beauty. The bloom is much bigger than it appears here.

You don't want to add Kwanso in a garden unless you don't mind it spreading everywhere. These are beautiful, but the best place for them is along a ditch or pond. It will take over the garden. I have these popping up everywhere and have to dig them out every year.

Lady Liz is a beauty too. The blooms are big even if it doesn't look like it in the photo.

I need to check all of my reds and identify them. We moved and I have never gone through to be sure which is which.

My son got these orientals for me for Mother's day the year we visited the tulip farm in Holland Michigan. They have huge blooms and as you can see they are always covered.

My purple David phlox is just starting to bloom. The color is more purple than it is showing. I had a cheap camera that took much more vivid photos. I might switch back to it.

                                                      Prince Coral Bells- Heuchera

                                                    Raspberry Chiffon Coral Bells - Heuchera

                                                 I think this one is Yazoo. It has big blooms and an unusual shape.

This one is becoming my favorite. It is an older daylily, but has wonderful edges and big blooms. The plant is hardy. If I do any hybridizing, I will use this one. The name is Yuma.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My husband had a vacation day Monday so we visited the Along the Fence Daylily farm. I highly recommend this seller. Most of the plants were at least triple fans and one was 7! The owner guarantees at least a double fan. She far exceeded my expectations.

Along the Fence Daylilies is just outside of Danville, Michigan. She has a Facebook page where you can find her phone number if you are interested in visiting. The farm has over 1400 varieties to choose from. She has so many wonderful plants that I was a bit overwhelmed. Saundra does help you to choose if you let her know what you want and is very helpful.

She also has a website that you can order through the mail if interested. There are a lot of plants that start at just $5 each. The newer or more rare varieties cost a bit more, but all are reasonably priced.

Today I've been planting and planting. Next time I won't choose quite so many. The bed wasn't prepared and it was a long day of digging.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

We've been almost 4 weeks now with just 1/2" of rain. The rain was just north of us last night and mostly south. For some reason it never arrives here. We had just a little sprinkle before everyone else had theirs. I guess I'll be watering all weekend.

Monday, July 15, 2013

More Daylilies
Bama Music is a lighter pink than shown in photo. The heat here is changing colors a little.

Benchmark is a darker lavender. Its color is changed for the same reason Bama Music is changed. The sun is just too hot here.

                                                    Blueberry Candy

The daylily Cherry Cheeks is one of my favorites. This is wilted a bit from the heat. Normally it is gorgeous. 

Scarlet O'Hara Daylily

Lemon Cap

This daylily is a bit spent from the heat. It is Lord Jeffery Amhurst. I'll try to get a better photo tomorrow, because it is a nice one.

Name unknown

This one is tagged Canadian Border Patrol. Normally the petals are almost white. I am getting a lot of peach this year in my blooms.

Needs to be identified.

This daylily is in front of my deck. It is Lemon Cap. The bloom isn't anything fantastic, but it grows quickly and has lots of blooms.

This one may be Red Magic. I have so many reds, that I never checked the identity of all of them.

is Rainbow Candy has put on so many blooms this year. It is a pretty one too. I like all the candy series daylilies.

I believe this daylily is called Double Daring Pink.

                                        Malaysian Monarch has such a nice big white eye.

                                                        This is a Kwanso daylily. I don't suggest planting these unless you don't mind them spreading and taking over. They spread from there root systems.

                                              Ice Carnival Daylily

                                            Needs to be ideintified.

                                     Eye to Eye doesn't normally have the petal hanging down.

                                        This a view of part of my garden against the fence.

This coral bells, heuchera is one of the bargains I found this weekend. The name is Prince. I love the ruffled leaves.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A few of my daylilies still need to be identified. Squirrels like to pull out the markers or the writing fades from the winter. Most I can identify by memory. I really need to start making more maps.

We are hoping for rain here soon. We've only gotten 1/2" in the last 2 weeks. Everyone got rain all around us and somehow it always skips us. Later tonight, I'll have to get the sprinkler out. Humidity here is 90%, so I'm not going out this afternoon.

This is another of my reds. It may be Scarlet O'Hara and may not be. I need to go through all of my reds yet.
Here is another photo of the Becky daisies in bloom. These things spread like crazy.

                                             Canadian Border Patrol

         The daylily is called Bonanza. I have several that are similar, but this one blooms like crazy. This photo doesn't do justice to the bloom. It is a beauty, especially with all the blooms and it blooms for a long time.

               Custard Candy is one of my favorite daylilies. It is one that I need to move to a new spot.

This is another photo of Paper Butterfly. I think this daylily is a real beauty. My colors are odd this year. Usually this has more lavender petals.

Siloam David Kirchoff is under an ornamental tree. I have quite a few Siloam daylilies. The name Siloam came from the hybridizers home town.

Eye to Eye is in the front row of my garden in front of the fence. This daylily grows rapidly. I've given a start to my sister and I need to divide it again.

This is a yellow daylily in front of our deck. This is Lemon Cap. It spreads and blooms like crazy.

Frankly Scarlet is in my daylily bed in the back of the garden on the right hand side of the hill. She's a beauty too. It looks like it has wax on it when the sun shine on the leaves and is a brighter red than the photo shows.

This is a small bloomed daylily. I need to do the measurements tonight to figure out which one it is exactly. I have two small purples that are much alike. It is probably Little Grapette.