Monday, July 15, 2013

More Daylilies
Bama Music is a lighter pink than shown in photo. The heat here is changing colors a little.

Benchmark is a darker lavender. Its color is changed for the same reason Bama Music is changed. The sun is just too hot here.

                                                    Blueberry Candy

The daylily Cherry Cheeks is one of my favorites. This is wilted a bit from the heat. Normally it is gorgeous. 

Scarlet O'Hara Daylily

Lemon Cap

This daylily is a bit spent from the heat. It is Lord Jeffery Amhurst. I'll try to get a better photo tomorrow, because it is a nice one.

Name unknown

This one is tagged Canadian Border Patrol. Normally the petals are almost white. I am getting a lot of peach this year in my blooms.

Needs to be identified.

This daylily is in front of my deck. It is Lemon Cap. The bloom isn't anything fantastic, but it grows quickly and has lots of blooms.

This one may be Red Magic. I have so many reds, that I never checked the identity of all of them.

is Rainbow Candy has put on so many blooms this year. It is a pretty one too. I like all the candy series daylilies.

I believe this daylily is called Double Daring Pink.

                                        Malaysian Monarch has such a nice big white eye.

                                                        This is a Kwanso daylily. I don't suggest planting these unless you don't mind them spreading and taking over. They spread from there root systems.

                                              Ice Carnival Daylily

                                            Needs to be ideintified.

                                     Eye to Eye doesn't normally have the petal hanging down.

                                        This a view of part of my garden against the fence.

This coral bells, heuchera is one of the bargains I found this weekend. The name is Prince. I love the ruffled leaves.

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