Monday, July 8, 2013

July is Flower Blooming Month

This is another daylily that I need to check the name. I think it is Siloam Ury Winiford.
The Yucca is blooming. My husband would like me to dump it on the mulch pile. For some reason he hates it. I think the blooms are pretty.

Elegant Candy Daylily is one of my favorites, because it has so many blooms and blooms for so long.
This daylily has a nice big bloom. The name is Paper Butterfly. Last year, it did have nice lavendar petals. I don't know what is going on, but so many of my daylilies are peach this year.

These are some phlox that I purchased at Walmart last year that were marked down. I love the striped ones.

If you haven't given Becky daisies a try, you should. These things grow like crazy and spread so much that you can give them to all of your friends, sell some, and still need to put some on the mulch pile.

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