My Perennial Garden in June

No garden is complete without a bird bath.We aren't too far from a small lake so the birds don't need to use it often. We still have plenty of birds visit the yard though. The pink and white Asiatics shown are called Lollipops. They are one of my favorites. There are Madonna lilies that aren't blooming yet behind the Lollipop lilies. Also in this grouping are some America Asiatic lilies that are almost purple colored. They aren't blooming yet either.
When we moved into our home, we were fortunate enough to have a rock lined hill that provided the perfect place to plant some of my lilies and daylilies from our old home. The bench provides a nice hideaway where it is cool in the shade during the hot months of summer. Asiatic lilies bloom in early June and the hostas line the trees. Tiger lilies put on the blooms soon after.
The red lilies are Asiatics that were given to me by a friend. They are more vibrant in color than shown in the picture. Asiatics are wonderful bulbs to grow because they multiply so quickly and are easy to care for. Lilies never go dormant even though the plant doesn't stay green here in Michigan in the winter months.