Friday, June 28, 2013

This daylily is called Bayou Bride. It is one of the first daylilies to bloom. The bloom is large.  It is one of my favorites.
This daylily is Red Robin. The photo is showing it as a light plum, but the real color is deep red. I'll have to take another photo and see if it won't show the true color.
The double yellow Asiatic lily blooms a little later than the other Asiatic. This one was here when we moved.
This is another Asiatic that blooms a little later. I think this one came from my sister Marge.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

 These lilies are called America. You get to see my sandals on the picture. I'll have to be more careful about that. When I purchased these lilies and planted them, they were a true purple. Everyone argued that there wasn't such a thing as a purple lily. We moved and I moved it with me and if you notice, it isn't purple anymore.
These pink lilies were here when we moved. I love these. There is not a full photo of them, but these are tall and covered with blooms.
This is a closeup of the above lilies. The blooms are big.
These are some of the hostas below my deck. I need to move these, to a new spot. The hostas are taking over and overcrowding the rhodedendron that is next to them.

Monday, June 24, 2013

This is a capanula that spreads in vines. It can be invasive. I have it in a shady spot so it doesn't spread so much. The plants were purchased at a garden show. They are completely blooming yet, but when they are, they are completely covered.

The orange lilies were here when we purchased the house. I have 3 groups of these along one side of my house. They put on quite the display when they bloom.
These are my Lollipop Asiatic Lilies. I love it when the lilies are blooming. 
My red Asiatics are blooming on the hill now. They have more of a red color back there, since they are in part shade.

My son gave me these Asiatic Lilies for Mother's Day last year. The multi-colors are kind of different. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

When my granddaughter was about 12, she loved to help in the garden. She now has a garden of her own. I wanted to hybridize some Asiatic lilies just for the fun of it. One afternoon we went from lily to lily acting like bees pollinating with Q-tips. This lily is the result of our fun.

I planted the seeds and several lilies came up. Later we moved and this was the only one large enough to move with us. It brings back great memories.It is one of the first lilies to bloom.

This isn't the way you'd hybridized lilies if you want outstanding results. Each lily should be covered with a plastic bag, so it doesn't pollinate with anything else. You should plan ahead what characteristics you'd like your lily to have and then pollinate between the two. We had good results for just playing around.

I do have a hubpage about growing Asiatic lilies if you have any interest in growing them. Growing Asiatic Lilies has all the ins and outs of planting and fertilizing.

 The red lilies are the first to bloom. I am not sure of the variety. These were traded for some plants at Garden Web. The lady that gave them too me brought lots of bulbs over. Now I know why. These things spread like crazy.

Friday, June 14, 2013

I had fun going with my sister to a local greenhouse today. Everything was half off and I purchased two different heuchera. I haven't gotten them planted yet, but here are some photos.
This one is called Blackberry Crisp. The common name for these is coral bells, but some of these new varieties I wouldn't name them that.  According to the marker, there is an entire series of these. This is what I found.
This heuchera is named Rootbeer. I have a Purple Palace one that I'll plant these with. Eventually I'd like one of the gold varieties.

My coreopsis is not blooming. I don't know the variety name of this one, since it was here when we purchased the house.

I'm still waiting for the Asiatic lilies to bloom. They have nice big buds. Everything seems to be late this year. Most years they are blooming by now, but we had some cold spells this year.

Monday, June 10, 2013

It rained this morning and it is still cool here in Michigan. The fact that it is so cool, isn't helping my asiatic lilies to start blooming. Most years they are by now. As soon as they do, I'll share some photos with you. We have a large selection of different kinds of lilies.

A lady at Garden Web traded some bulbs for something that I had. She gave me a lot of them and I know why now. These lilies just keep multiplying. If you like trading plants, join Garden Web. That is how I managed to get so many daylilies.

I'm sharing a photo below of the red lilies. This was taken 2 years ago by my husband. Since then the lilies have spread. This garden is in the back of our lot where there are a lot of trees. Asiatic lilies can handle part shade. If they grow in full shade, the blooms will be small and the plant won't thrive well.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

My first daylily of the season is blooming. This is a Happy Returns. The daylily doesn't have a large bloom, but it reblooms through out the summer months. 

Dumetari is what is a considered a species daylily. That just means that it was never hybridized and grew in the wild. This is a very early bloomer too. Most early blooming daylilies are yellow in color.

Cool Weather

Be sure to view the photos below. I'll post many more photos in the near future. We've had especially cool weather here. By this time in June, I usually have more blooming. The lilies all have buds, but just aren't ready yet. The same with some of the daylilies, coreopsis etc. I'll add more photos as time allows.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2, 2013

I have more clematis photos today. The dark purple is blooming. Something happened to this vine that it didn't grow tall this year. We had a drought last year and it may have injured it.

The chives are blooming. I just grow mine right with the flowers, because their blooms fit right in.
I've got some irises blooming right now. I could swear these purples were white last year. I don't know what happened????

You can see I have a lot of trees in the back of my lot. I need to move a lot of the flowers to a sunny spot. I just need to figure out where.

The perennial geranium is blooming right now. My sister Marilyn gave this to me, because I always admired hers. This variety keeps a nice globe shape. Sorry, but I don't know the name. From this photo it looks like pink blooms, but they are more of a purple.

At our old house we had a Johnson's Blue, but it didn't have the nice globe shape this one does. If I find the name I will share it with you.

 I have a peach tree right in the middle of this flower bed. My husband didn't want to have one more thing to mow around, so I made room for the peach in the middle of the garden. I have a dwarf pear tree too.

Our Wine and Roses wiegelia is blooming now too. I'll share photos of that tomorrow. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The clematis are growing onto the deck. We have a quad level house and the deck is about 2 stories high. It took a lot of years to get it to grow this big. We have 4 clematis in all. The deep purple one was just beginning to open. Today it is a full bloom, but it is cloudy outside. I'll get a better photo hopefully tomorrow.