Friday, June 27, 2014

Peach Trees

I purchased a peach tree today. Since I already have one, my husband said "no more." I bought one anyways, because it was covered with peaches and a cheap price. I don't know what he'll say about it. I guess I got paid back, because I was stung by a bee there.
The tree is an Elberta peach. Online descriptions say it is a favorite for canning. Since I love home canned peaches, I can't wait until it start producing. My husband loves them too, so I hope he understands.
The man that helped me, said that it is best to cut out the bottom of the container and plant it with the container intact. I've never heard of this before. He said you'd end up with a stronger tree. I guess it would help when we have high winds, which can be a problem here. Has anyone else tried planting a peach tree this way? I wonder if it works.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Flowers Blooming in the Garden June 24th

This was the only rose that I moved when we changed houses. Where we lived before the ground was a nice loam. Here it is sandy. I only moved one, because we had black spot there so bad. I've decided that roses must like sandy ground. Now I wish we would have moved more of them.
This is a photo of our smoke bush. The shrub is only a couple years old and grew fast.
The coral bells that I purchased last year are putting on nice bloom this year.
A view of part of my garden along the fence.
Another section of the same garden.
My perennial geranium
Rosy Bells Capanula - These can be invasive.
The coreopsis have been blooming for awhile. They like to put on a nice show.

Asiatic Lilies Blooming June 24th

The Asiatic lilies are putting on a good show right now. Here are a few photos of them. Everything is a couple of weeks late this year since the winter just didn't want to end.
The yellow ones I purchased last year in a little pot that was marked down. They are called Bumblebee. I can't believe how many blooms it has put on.