Monday, June 15, 2015

Corner Garden 6/15/2015

My coral bells have really grown since last year. The Bumble Bee Asiatic lily has more blooms too.

Persian Priest Daylily 6/15/2014

This is one of the daylilies blooming in my garden today. I love it, because it starts blooming early and continues throughout July.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I haven't been keep up with posting photos, but did get this one taken today. It is a perennial geranium that I received from my sister Marilyn. The thing grows and spreads like crazy. I'd share the name of it, but since it was given to me I'm not sure.

Friday, August 8, 2014

More Daylilies 2014

These are daylilies that I either have double of or are ones that I've had for awhile that need to be divided. If they get too big, they don't bloom as well.
Emperor's Dragon
Satin Bird
Blueberry Candy
Eye to Eye
Season Ticket
Cherry Cheeks
Ice Carnival
Prairie Blue Eyes
Wineberry Candy
Dragon's Eye
Red Magic
Unknown Name, May be Hyperion
Persian Priest I still need to add photos of Lavender Tonic and Blackberry Candy

Daylilies I'm Selling in the Spring

I either have doubles of these or they are ones that I have had for awhile that need dividing. Right now, I'm planning on selling them on our local garage sale list in the spring.
Emperor's Dragon

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Flowers Blooming 7-10-2014

More Blooms....
Elegant Candy is one of my favorites, because it has so many buds and blooms for so long. The one below is similar to this one, but a little shorter.
Siloam Ribbon Candy looks so much like Elegant Candy. I have them planted close to each other the main difference is in the height. 27" scapes 3.25" blooms Midseason bloom Diploid Dormant Diurnal
america Purple Asiatic Lilies - I purchase these one year while we were on vacation. When I bought them, they were a true purple. The ground here is a neutral. I wonder if they can be more purple in more acidic soil.
I traded plants with a lady to get this one. She said it was Buffy's Doll. Most years it isn't so pink, but more of an apricot color.
This is another photo of the Collier daylily. The edges are pretty on this one. Blooms are 6" on 28" scapes. This blooms early and continues until mid-season. The blooms start just a few days after Stella, so is one of my favorites. The first blooms are special. It is a semi-evergeen Tetraploid. It was bred by the breeder Collier Brown-EC) and was introduced in 1995. I
Becky Daisies spread like crazy. I just moved some from this spot that was as big of bunch as this early this spring.
I believe this one is Lady Cynthia, but don't have it positively ID'd at this point. I have several daylilies like this that look a lot alike. The daylily has an early bloom and is the only one like this blooming, so I'm guessing that is right.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Daylilies in Bloom July 4th

The daylilies are blooming about 2 weeks late this year. I still have several in bloom right now.
Benchmark is a good bloomer and spreads quickly.
Collier is one of my new purchases that I made last year about this time.
Early Bird Cardinal This flower is red rather than the color it is showing. I'll try to get a better shot early in the morning and see if it shows the red.
Flamboyant Eyes is another new one that I purchase last year.
Frivolous Frills is one of the first daylilies that I bought.
Moonlight Masquerade
Russian Rhapsody