Tuesday, June 18, 2013

When my granddaughter was about 12, she loved to help in the garden. She now has a garden of her own. I wanted to hybridize some Asiatic lilies just for the fun of it. One afternoon we went from lily to lily acting like bees pollinating with Q-tips. This lily is the result of our fun.

I planted the seeds and several lilies came up. Later we moved and this was the only one large enough to move with us. It brings back great memories.It is one of the first lilies to bloom.

This isn't the way you'd hybridized lilies if you want outstanding results. Each lily should be covered with a plastic bag, so it doesn't pollinate with anything else. You should plan ahead what characteristics you'd like your lily to have and then pollinate between the two. We had good results for just playing around.

I do have a hubpage about growing Asiatic lilies if you have any interest in growing them. Growing Asiatic Lilies has all the ins and outs of planting and fertilizing.

 The red lilies are the first to bloom. I am not sure of the variety. These were traded for some plants at Garden Web. The lady that gave them too me brought lots of bulbs over. Now I know why. These things spread like crazy.

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