Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2, 2013

I have more clematis photos today. The dark purple is blooming. Something happened to this vine that it didn't grow tall this year. We had a drought last year and it may have injured it.

The chives are blooming. I just grow mine right with the flowers, because their blooms fit right in.
I've got some irises blooming right now. I could swear these purples were white last year. I don't know what happened????

You can see I have a lot of trees in the back of my lot. I need to move a lot of the flowers to a sunny spot. I just need to figure out where.

The perennial geranium is blooming right now. My sister Marilyn gave this to me, because I always admired hers. This variety keeps a nice globe shape. Sorry, but I don't know the name. From this photo it looks like pink blooms, but they are more of a purple.

At our old house we had a Johnson's Blue, but it didn't have the nice globe shape this one does. If I find the name I will share it with you.

 I have a peach tree right in the middle of this flower bed. My husband didn't want to have one more thing to mow around, so I made room for the peach in the middle of the garden. I have a dwarf pear tree too.

Our Wine and Roses wiegelia is blooming now too. I'll share photos of that tomorrow. 

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