Friday, June 14, 2013

I had fun going with my sister to a local greenhouse today. Everything was half off and I purchased two different heuchera. I haven't gotten them planted yet, but here are some photos.
This one is called Blackberry Crisp. The common name for these is coral bells, but some of these new varieties I wouldn't name them that.  According to the marker, there is an entire series of these. This is what I found.
This heuchera is named Rootbeer. I have a Purple Palace one that I'll plant these with. Eventually I'd like one of the gold varieties.

My coreopsis is not blooming. I don't know the variety name of this one, since it was here when we purchased the house.

I'm still waiting for the Asiatic lilies to bloom. They have nice big buds. Everything seems to be late this year. Most years they are blooming by now, but we had some cold spells this year.

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