Monday, July 8, 2013

More Daylilies Blooming for July 8th

More July 8th Flowers Blooming
The sweet peas are blooming. I want to eradicate these. The seeds sprout up everywhere and the roots are so deep that it is hard to get rid of them.I'll admit that they are pretty blooming up a fence though.
I think this daylily is Slioam David Kirchoff, but I need to check. I have another small one on the hill that might be David Kirchoff. Who knows? I might have two of them. Keeping track of daylily names is hard unless you keep a map of them. So many daylilies look so much alike.
This is one of my newer daylilies. The name is Forgotten Dreams. I like the dark peorple eye and edged leaves. I have a thing for purple daylilies.

This is another one I need to identify, but I think it is Buffy's Doll.
This is another one that I need to check to be sure.
Benchmark Daylily

My leg is showing again. I need to retake it and identify the daylily. One of these days, I think it may be Rainbow Candy, but I'm not positive. Whatever, it is a real beauty and puts on lots of buds. Rainbow Candy has more white petals, but for some reason, my ground here makes everything look peach.
Blackberry Candy Daylily has a smaller bloom, but it puts on tons of them. 
Siloam June Bug Daylily is a nice one, but after comparing it to Blackberry Candy, it just doesn't have as nice of eye. 

This is a daylily that I never did have the name. It looks a lot like Graceland.

 This is a daylily that I purchased at Walmart in a box. It was suppose to be Strawberry Fields Forever. It turned out to be a plain yellow. Don't trust the daylilies at Walmart unless they are blooming. You might get just about anything. This is the second time this has happened to me. It isn't a Stella, because it blooms much later. It does have a nice bud count though.

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