Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My husband had a vacation day Monday so we visited the Along the Fence Daylily farm. I highly recommend this seller. Most of the plants were at least triple fans and one was 7! The owner guarantees at least a double fan. She far exceeded my expectations.

Along the Fence Daylilies is just outside of Danville, Michigan. She has a Facebook page where you can find her phone number if you are interested in visiting. The farm has over 1400 varieties to choose from. She has so many wonderful plants that I was a bit overwhelmed. Saundra does help you to choose if you let her know what you want and is very helpful.

She also has a website that you can order through the mail if interested. There are a lot of plants that start at just $5 each. The newer or more rare varieties cost a bit more, but all are reasonably priced.

Today I've been planting and planting. Next time I won't choose quite so many. The bed wasn't prepared and it was a long day of digging.

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